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MyOwnHelpdesk is proudly associated with various organisations whose products or services make up our offerings to you, our customer.

These associations broadly fall into three categories.

Firstly, there are software products that are used to provide the website & cloud management tools we use to maintain your website, email & cloud productivity tools.  

Secondly there are specific service providers who we work closely with to provide the day to day services we offer.  So we use hosting companies where we host our own websites and yours too.  We register domain names via Registrars and these suppliers are clearly called out in our GDPR compliant Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement.

Finally there are also the organisations who provide the software or other products that we provide under our Other Services links.  These are in some cases (but not all) Affiliate Links.  In that case we have signed an Affiliate Agreement, so if you decide to proceed with purchasing said product that we have referred you to, we will be paid a small referral fee by that provider.  Any price you as the customer pay is unaffected.

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