We are a team of specialists with more than 15 years experience in small business websites & related technologies


We make websites for business, but we also know what tools work best for small teams from day one but can then grow with your business.

We’ve been through the pain of having to move from one platform to another as needs arise and the impact this can have on you and your team’s productivity.   Learn from our mistakes!  All the tools and products we promote have been used in our own businesses.


Rich Hearn

Co-Founder & Head of IT

Rich co-founded Think Solutions in 2001 which began with Think Solutions AB in Sweden and was added to in 2008 with Think Solutions UK Ltd.

With a strong background in IT project & program management roles at enterprise companies like American Express, Rich has worked on systems large and small.  Later, moving into Business Program Consultant roles, this understanding of the systems integration options gave Rich the ability to see potential solutions from both sides.

Leading Think Solutions for nearly 20 years means Rich has also managed businesses & understands the challenges that startups and small companies face.

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