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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation for your website

Getting found on the internet via search engines such as Google, Bing or Local Search is not something that happens automatically.

SEO is the process of ensuring your website content is structured and worded in the best way to get your website found when people are searching online.

In order to get the most from organic search (unpaid visitors who get to your website from links on Google and Bing), the website content needs to be relevant and targetted to a specific need.

Performing some analysis of your competitors website data is also a good place to start and measure your site’s improvement over time.

We use SEO tools that can be a good place to start and if you don’t have the budget to engage an agency which can mean a higher monthly cost than you would want to incur.

We often find that small businesses don’t always consider these aspects before starting a website and adding content to it.

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We are preparing this service for launch on MyOwnHelpdesk and can advise you via email when it becomes available.  Note that this service is currently available through our current (offline) customised service for clients.  If you urgently need to discuss this service then use the contact form to let us know what you would like to discuss.

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