The story of My Own Helpdesk


There are so many people out there who have dreams and ambitions about setting up their own business, do freelance work, be an influencer in their area of expertise, raise money for a cause they’re passionate about – and many other reasons for needing good technical solutions to realise those goals.

You deserve what the big companies have

Having worked for big organisations, I had been spoiled by having those solutions provided to me by those who were experts at them. And as I started off my own business, I became painfully aware of how complicated it was; having to search and compare, trying to understand what I needed, how tools needed to interact and where to source them.

Now, I’m not a novice when it comes to technology, having worked in technologies for over 10 years by the time I started my own business, and I still found it deeply confusing. And that’s why MyOwnHelpdesk now exists.

We want to make it easy and pain-free for you

MyOwnHelpdesk was created to make it easy for individuals and small businesses to get the same easy access to technical solutions that people working in big organisations get.

All so that you don’t have to go through the pain I had to. It’s so that you don’t have to host your website in one place, get Office365, email, GDPR support etc in another. MyOwnHelpdesk is here to make your digital & technical solutions easy to set up and manage, in a cost-effective way, saving you hours of trawling the internet for different providers. We have the solutions and we have the technical know-how in how to deploy them, in both a business and non-business context.

We are the provider for people who think: it needs to be simple, practical and right for me – I want My Own Helpdesk! Because that’s exactly what we had wanted when we first started out.

I look forward to listening

Thanks for checking us out – book a call with me in the calendar here on the website if you want to explore how MyOwnHelpdesk can really become YOUR own helpdesk. I look forward to listening to how we can make it easy for you,




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